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Two satellites are in circular orbits around the earth. The orbit for satellite A is at a height of 511 km above the earth's surface, while that for satellite B is at a height of 895 km. Find the orbital speed for satellite A and satellite B.

I've already done this problem as for satellite A has a velocity of 7610.238 m/s and satellite B has a velocity of 7406.412 m/s.

Am I correct in this case?

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  1. v^2/(re+h)=9.8*(re/(re+h))^2
    v^2=9.8 (6.37e6)^2/(6.37e6+.895e6)
    v= (6.37e6)/(6.37e6+.895e6)sqrt9.8=7398m/s
    and that needs to be reduced in significant digits to 7.40e3 m/s

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