Here's a few questions that I need help with. I included some answers to see if they are right.

1. What mathematical term defined the size across something being analyzed. -Analytic

2. Give example of different analysis sizes. I need to know the answer of the first one to answer this one.

3.Globalization has produced a world that is more? - It became a accessible and easier to find opportunities.(I'm sure this answer is wrong)

4.What entities have been the leaders of economic globalization?
Actually don't know this.

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asked by Imanolex
  1. 1. no
    What is the distance across a circle called?

    2. ??

    3. I think you're right.


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    posted by Ms. Sue
  2. For the first one is circumference, right?
    For the second, the question is "Give example of different analysis sizes."

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    posted by Imanolex
  3. The first one is circumference.

    2. This is too broad to answer here.

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    posted by Ms. Sue
  4. What about three? It sound wrong or weird for me.

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    posted by Imanolex
  5. Isn't "the size across something" the diameter?

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    posted by Writeacher

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