A given force F→ is located in the yz-plane. It has a magnitude of 18N and is directed at a 30.0° angle clockwise from the positive y-axis.
(a) Describe F→ using polar notation.
(b) Describe F→ using its y- and z-components.
(c) Describe F→ using cartesian notation.

I have a hard time figuring out this question
For a) I think it's 18m/s[300degrees]
b) Fy= 15.6 degree, Fz= 9 degrees
c) No clue.
Please correct me if I am wrong.

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  1. shouldn't the angle be 330deg?
    on the force magnitudes, the unit is Newtons
    f=fx i + fy j + fz k
    fx=0, fy, fz as above

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  2. Sorry there was a typo in the question, you're right.

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