I need help organizing my ideas for my 3 page essay.

So my title is "Social Media; A new source of income."

I want to write about social media creating more jobs and helping the economy

would it be off topic if my intro sentence and bridge sentences starts with how many people in the world use social media?

My topic feels a little too specific and I'm afraid that I'll write things that don't support my main idea.

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  1. I think your topic is interesting and manageable. Citing the numbers of people using social media is necessary.

    You can then include
    money taken in by social media in advertising
    variety and numbers of jobs in social media

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    posted by Ms. Sue
  2. You can also differentiate between who uses Snapchat, who uses Facebook, who uses Twitter, etc. -- in general, that is. Since you're going to focus on income from social media, knowing which companies will target which type of media would be interesting, I think.

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  3. Thanks for the responses! Ms. Sue and Writeacher Now my first page is talking about how everyone loves the internet/technology so much and depends on it and how the internet makes everything so convenient and easy, now how can I make a transition paragraph so I can start talking about the next thing? After the transition paragraph I think I want to start with defining social media, and then I'll start talking about all of the apps. but how can I make this flow into how many jobs or careers the internet has created?? Or should the Job part start at the beginning of the second page? Im trying to stay in order and on topic

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  4. https://www.jiskha.com/questions/1765014/I-039-m-writing-a-3-page-essay-Now-my-first-page-is-complete-and-I-039-m-talking

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