marine science

Lesson 3: wrapping up unit 1
Marine science A unit 1: about the earth.

1. The history of Sir Isaac Newton study of gravity does which of the following.
a .illustrates how a theory becomes law
b.provides an example of a theory that has been discredited
c. demonstrates the importance of gravity in marine science
d. shows that theories have long been an important part of science.

2.the hydrosphere includes all of the following except
d. groundwater

3.which of the following is true of oceanic plates?
a.they are perfectly flat and smooth
b.they formed before other types of plates
c.they are heavier than continental plates
d.they move more often than continental plates.

there are 15 questions in total, im not looking for direct answers but if anyone can help me on this quiz that would be most appreciative. please help and thank you

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asked by alvin
  1. 1. d
    2. What does hydrosphere mean?

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    posted by Ms. Sue

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