Social Studies

Which type of economic system has the highest level of government control?

traditional economy

market economy

command economy

mixed economy

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  1. What are the definitions of those terms? Which do you think gives the government the most control?

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  2. I am not clear with the definitions of those terms, and also I am not fimiliar with economies and governments.

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  3. Google each of those terms. Write down the definitions.

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  4. What is the answer???

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  5. 1. B it requires them to make a choice
    2. A it increases
    3. a decrease in profit
    4. C. Command economy
    5. A. money reserved for saving

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  6. Your 100% correct

    Now Barney has a show to go to ADIOS x3

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  7. i thought Barney died O_O..... he can die

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  8. And thanks

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  9. Thanks for putting the answers so we can cheek are own answers I go a 100% thx

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  10. thz

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  11. i needed the same exact question, but i don't really get it i'm a minor

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  12. so what's the answer?

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