I'm writing a thesis statement and wanted someone to check it for me. My topic is about adoption, which I agree with. Thesis statement: should be able to adopt because homosexual adoption also solves the problem of shortage of adoptive and foster parents.

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  1. Ok, that is an ok thesis statement. However, that is not the most important consideration in adoption. The long term welfare, nuturing, stability,and safety of children are the most important issues in adoption. How does homosexual adoption aid those issues? Isn't those the critical issues on adoption?
    Adoptive parents should be chosen on the main factors, then a much lower ranked criteria is gender orientation. Yes, you can or can not argue that some of those factors (stability) are affected by homosexual lifestyle, but frankly, if you are making the thesis that gender orientation should not be a factor, you ought to be arguing that adoptive parents have a set of important qualities, which may or may not be affected by the gender orientation.

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  2. Bobpursley is right. Your thesis statement is OK, but I think an entire paper based on this narrow idea will not be terribly interesting to read.

    If you're going to write a paper about adoption, then focus on the qualities (as Bobpursley stated above) that all adoptive parents should have.

    And here's a really good webpage to use in deciding if your thesis statement is worth its salt!

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