6th grade Math

Can you check the following?

3. Lily is cutting a roll of cookies into slices that are 3/8 inch thick. If the roll is 10 1/2 inches long, how many slices can she cut?

Ans: (21/2)/(3/8) = (21/2 )* (8/3) = 28 slice

5. Amy has painted 3/4 of a room. She has used 1 1/2 gallons of paint. How much pant will she need for the whole room?

Ans: (3/2)/(3/4) = (3/2)*(4/3) = 2 gallons

6. Sam's pet eats 1/8 pound of food every day. If he buys a 3-poudn bag, how many days will that bag last?

Ans: 3/(1/8) = 3*8 = 24 days

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asked by Jared
  1. Great! All are right!

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    posted by Ms. Sue
  2. Thanks for checking

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    posted by Jared
  3. You're welcome.

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    posted by Ms. Sue

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