Math ,help

how can i simplify this more its for the following problem:

Problem #22
solve by using the quadratic formual.


this is where i am but i do not know how to go further.

x = (4 (+/-) sqrt (-4))/(10)

Problem #23
Solve by completing the square.


i started using the quadratic formula.

but i am up to this point

x = (-2 (+/-) sqrt (-44))/(8)

in #22 you are right so far.
Have you learned about imaginary or complex numbers.
If not, at this point you would say,
"there is no real solution"

for #23 you are not supposed to use the quadratic equation.
Use the method I showed you in the last post to you, but you have to divide all terms by 4 to get x^2 at the front

x^2 + 1/2 x = 3/4

now take 1/2 of the 1/2 which is 1/4, square that and add 1/16 to both sides of the equation to keep the equality.

let me know what your got.

i don't know what you mean half of the half but how do know to take that half.and where did you get the 1/16

can you show me.

write down that step of what you refer to please.

1/2 of 1/2 = 1/2 * 1/2 = 1/4
If you have half a pizza and you take half of that, how much pizza do you have?

I had to square 1/4 ---> (1/4)(1/4)= 1/16

I need help NOW because report cards are comming out tommorow and I have a F in math

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