health [slogan]

i need a slogan for teen driving laws for a health project. any ideas?

The life you save may be your own!

anything else?

Be a smart driver and not a smart aleck corpse.

Other teachers may have additional ideas. Please keep checking.

i was thinking:

Strive to drive... SAFE!

what do you think?

Sounds great! It's better than mine! :-)

Don't Drink and Drive
You'll stay alive!!

which sounds better:

strive to drive... safe


strive to drive... safely

You rock
Don't do drugs
Your cool
don't be a fool
stay in school
don't drink and drive
and you will stay alive

Strive to drive . . . safely is grammatically correct.

i want to c da slogan about health english pls...

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asked by anon.s

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