1. My father reads the newspaper every day.
[Does this sentence mean that he reads the same newspaper every day{gain and again}? Or was 'the newspaper' in generic use?]

2. My father reads a newspaper every day.
[What about this one?]

3. My father reads newspapers every day.
[What about this one? Is this sentence commonly used?]

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  1. 1 does not mean he reads the same newspaper every day! It means he reads each day's newspaper.

    2 is fine, and it can mean the same as 1 or it can mean he reads whatever newspaper is handy each day.

    3 is also fine. It means he reads more than one newspaper each day -- the current edition of each one every day.

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  2. Thank you for your explanation.
    However, if my father has a strange habit of reading the same newspaper every day, what expressions can we use?

    1. My father reads the newspaper every day.
    2. _________________________________________

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  3. sounds great i like this post
    this is very useful! thank you

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