English Literature

Which of the following describes the underlined phrase in the below sentence? Determining the reason for the Great wall's construction is not easy. (Determining the reason is underlined)
a. participial phrase
b. adverbial phrase
c. gerund ***
d. prepositional phrase

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  1. Yes, it's the subject (a gerund).

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  2. Thank you

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  3. You are welcome.

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  4. Thanks! Got this question right!

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  5. 2.10.5 - Quick Check: “And of Clay We Are Created”
    1. C - It affords him the opportunity to remain disconnected from his own fears.
    2. D - through the perspectives of others
    3. C - from optimistic to relieved.
    4. B - hopeful.
    5. C - gerund.

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  6. <3 is right ! ilysm mwah 😩😩

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  7. <3 IS CORRECT! 100% THANK YOU!!!

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  8. Still correct in 2021, thanks!

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