World History

Egypt’s recorded history began around 10,000 BC with the Old Kingdom (1). Egyptians had developed a means of writing called hieroglyphics (3). Hieroglyphics used pictographs to convey meaning (3).

Which critiques the factual accuracy of the summary?

a) While part (1) is accurate, parts (2) and (3) need revision.

b) While parts (2) and (3) are accurate, part (1) needs revision.

c) While parts (1) and (2) are accurate, part (3) needs revision.

d) While part (3) is accurate, parts (1) and (2) need revision.

I think the answer is A but I'm not sure

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  1. I disagree.

    Did hieroglyphics use pictographs?

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  2. I thought the old kingdom was not that old.

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  3. I think yes, pictographic

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  4. You're right, as usual, Damon. The Old Kingdom started about 2700 B.C.


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  5. so whats the answer Ms. Sue

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  6. I think the answer is b.

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