Which was a contributing factor in President Truman’s decision to drop the atomic bomb?

The president needed to experiment with the impact of atomic weapons on a military target.
The president wanted to display the might of the United States military to scare the Soviets.
The president believed that dropping the bomb was the best way to save lives on both sides.
The president believed he would lose American support and wanted the war to end quickly.

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  1. Nope.

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  2. ok so C then.

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  3. yes, he believed that was the way to minimize total lives lost.

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  4. This site literally is clutching me through tests i love yall no cap

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  5. honestlyy

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  6. I felt that Jay!

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  7. C is the correct answer but B is a true story because during the Soviet advance the Soviet Union was more so occupying instead of liberating the captured territory so Truman and Churchill wanted to put on a show force to scare the Soviets into liberating the territory instead of occupying

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