World History

how did the Enlightenment influence the American and French Revolutions?

a.Enlightenment philosophers published pamphlets in favor of monarchs’ divine right to rule, angering people into revolution.

b.Ideas about natural rights philosophy caused people to question and overthrow monarchy in favor of representative governments.

c.Notions of full social equality caused the slave populations to rise up and overthrow their masters in favor of a democratic system.

d. Enlightenment emphasis on Protestant Christianity caused people to rebel against Catholic authority.


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  1. I disagree.

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  2. I re-read my text and I believe it is B?

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  3. Yes, B.

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  4. Thank you and thank you in advance for answering all my questions. Didn't get to say it in the last post I had.

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  5. You're very welcome, Collin.

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  6. I just took the exam and B is wrong!!! i got a second attempt so ill see if i can get the right answer next time.

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  7. never mind B is right, i did it wrong, in the exam their were two options that begin with ideas.

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