Elem. Ed.

Can you please help?

The teacher is concerned about Tom.
He often appears easily frustrated,
quick to anger,agressive towards
other children,and in constant motion.
His teacher should suspect:

1 problem of attention and hyperactivity

2. behavior problem

Shouldn't she suspect a problem in
attention and hyperactivity?

That is what I would suspect first.

Can someone else please help?

I agree with Guru

Yeah.. It's a little bit of both I would say. Like ADHD. Go to mayoclinic website and search ADHD so you can see.

As classified by psychologists, the characteristics of Hyperactivity-Impulsivity ( a subset of ADDH) are constantly in motion, acting without thinking, inability to play games or work with other childen), getting frustrated with schoolwork or homework.
However, a teacher should not rule out behaviour problems. A conference with a parent probably will be most revealing. In my experience, kids with behaviour problems have attitudes often revealed in parent conferences. Not always, but often.

I agree with Guru. The "in constant motion" is the obvious clue here!


Is Tom getting frustrated with not knowing how to do the school work? If so, then giving him help in that area may calm the other issues.

Let me also give some practical advice for once you graduate and start teaching -- don't try to diagnose these things yourself.

Granted, there are times when you, as a teacher, will see someone has been diagnosed with ADHD and they clearly have something more like Asburgers or something similar. But it is not your job to diagnose these things. If you feel a diagnosis is in error, you give it time, but also document very specific behaviors you see often occuring and bring those issues up with parents so they could bring them up with their doctor.

Once the doctor knows more about specific problems, he/she can diagnose it further.


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