How do I translate my spanish

Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. First of all you need to determine the vocabulary in the sentence. When you actually post some work here we can help you use the dictionary. The very BEST way is to look up the English word, write down ALL the possibilities in Spanish. You will want the same part of speech. An adjective will remain an adjective, a noun will remain a noun, etc. NOW the important part is to look up the primary meaning of each English word. You will have some surprises!

Next, the context is very important because that can alter the usual meaning. As for verbs, you will need to know what tense they are. The Simple Present Tense, hablo (for example) usually has 3 English meanings: I speak, I DO speak and I AM speaking.

Next time give us both the Spanish and your attempt at English, or vice versa! ¡Buena Suerte!

you can go to dictionary . com and go to translater or somethin like that. and just choose the language, write the phrase or word whatever and click translate and there u go.

it's under the category under languages when u first go to the website.

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asked by katy
  1. Your question makes no sense.

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    posted by Ms.Sue

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