Given that the K sp for CaF2 at 25°C is 3.9 × 10–11, will a precipitate form when 0.10 L of 2.3 × 10–4 M CaCl2 is added to 0.50 L of 5.0 × 10–3 M NaF? Assume volumes are additive.
Please help me I have no clue where to start.


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  1. Calculate concentration of CaCl2 and NaF. Total volume is 0.1L + 0.5L = 0.6 L. Each salt is diluted from the initial volume to the final volume.
    (CaCl2) = 2.3E-4 M x (0.1L/0.6L) = ?
    (NaF) = 5E-3 x (0.5/0.6) = ?

    Calculate Qsp = (Ca^2+)(F^-)^2 and plug in the values from above.
    Compare Qsp with Ksp. If Qsp>Ksp a ppt forms. If Qsp<Ksp a ppt will not form.

    Post your work if you get stuck.

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