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Gary learned that the value of his car depreciates by 15% per year. Which of the following functions best describes the value of his car the year after the car is worth m dollars?
A. f(m) = 0.15m
B. f(m) = 0.85m
C. f(m) = 1 - 0.15m
D. f(m) = 1 - 0.85m

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  1. LOL it would be D if you added a parenthesis
    f(m) = (1-0.15)m
    luckily they do that out
    (1 - 0.15)m = 0.85 m
    which is the answer I would choose :)

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  2. ok I'm sorry why is this funny

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  3. I thought it was funny because they tricked you by leaving the parenthesis out of D

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  4. thanks

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