9 word sentence, please help!!

* it's 9 words long
* it has to do with sports
* it rhymes
those are my clues....please help..

Try these:





Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Since none of the above worked, here's how I'm working on it. I may not finish working it out, but this may help you. Take each letter in the total of 33 letters and write them down in alphabetical order. I always begin with the vowels and then the consonants. Since you know it has 9 words, has to do with sports, and rhymes, that will ultimately help you. Actually I typed the letters so I could print several copies to work on.

letter a = 6, e = 5, i = 2, o = 1 (total 14)

c = 2, d = 2, g = 1, h = 3, k = 1, m = 2, n = 3, 5 = 2, t = 2, y = 1 (could either be vowel or consonant) (total 19) (14 + 19 = 33)

I soo do not understand your theory, but I hope it works for you!! let me know!! this is driving me crazy

Hello, again! Just so you know I am still working on this. . . . .
1. I tried to make up as many words as I could with the letters there. A lot of words having to do with sports were out because there is no "r." I put those words in rows (3 letters, 4, or more) and tried to pair anything that would rhyme.
2. I also went to Quotations about sports = nothing that would work.
3. Perhaps you can get some of your friends to "brainstorm" with you!

Here are the words, and I don't promise I have them all!
the, can, say, sad, hit, tan, kit, sit, day, not, may, net, tie
game, hate, make, name, same, team, seem, none, many, tiny, nice, mitt, race
coach, catch, hockey, skate, score, tennis, ticket

Ok, the ball's back in YOUR court!

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asked by megz

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