Math expression

If the customer uses more than 450 minutes the payment is $39.99 for the first 450 minutes plus $0.45 for each minute over 450.

How do I convert this into an expression?

this is what I got, but my teacher says its not right,but its close and I am not sure how to convert that into an expression

getPayment = 450 * 39.99 + (minutes - 450) * 0.45

why are you multiplying $39.99 by 450 minutes.

The way I read it, you pay $39.99 for any part of the first 450 minutes.

so the equation should have been
getPayment = (minutes - 450)*0.45 + 39.99

I was multipling $39.99 by 450 because that's how much it is for 450 minutes.

getPayment = (minutes - 450)*0.45 + 39.99 still doesnt work.

Here are the rules for the equation

the first 450 minutes cost 39.99 per month

Additional minutes cost .45 per minute

Assuming that more than 450 minutes are used, it would be as follows:

$39.99 + $0.45(X - 450), where X is the total number of minutes used, just as Reiny indicated.

However, if X is not >450, don't expect to get a reduction in the basic rate of $39.99.

I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

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asked by Soly
  1. Math how to solve this math problem A cellular phone company offers a package called​ 'Statewide
    500​'. The charge is ​$39.99 per​ month, and it includes up to
    500 min of statewide calling time. Minutes over 500 are charged at a rate of ​$0.40 per minute.
    Determine the total charge for using a cell phone for
    561 min in one month.

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    posted by luna

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