1. A student who behaves in the classroom to avoid punishment is acting according to what cause of behavior? 

    A. Fear cause B. Situational C. Dispositional D. Punishment cause

3. A phenomenon in which an initial understanding that a person has positive traits is used to infer other uniformly positive characteristics is called the 

    A. halo effect. B. fundamental attribution. C. assumed-similarity bias. D. self-serving bias.

8.   Alvin listened to two politicians debate changes to health care. Alvin decided against the proposal of one debater because the presenter spoke too long in Alvin’s opinion. Alvin’s response is an example of 

    A. complexity route processing. B. time related processing. C. central route processing. D. peripheral route.

9.   Message interpretation characterized by thoughtful consideration of the issues and arguments used to persuade is called _______ processing. 

A. visual B. central route C. peripheral route. D. auditory

12.   The process by which an individual organizes information about another person, in order to form an overall impression of that person, is called 

    A. impression formation. B. schemas. C. social cognition. D. central traits

18.   Message interpretation characterized by consideration of the source and related general information rather than of the message itself is called _______ processing. 

    A. peripheral route B. visual C. central route D. auditory

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  1. And your answers are?

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    Ms. Sue
  2. 1.A

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  3. 1.A - no
    3.B - no
    8.B - yes
    9.C - no
    12.A - yes
    18.D - no

    Please reread your text carefully to make sure your answers agree with your text author/

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    Ms. Sue
  4. Beware of anyone posting a bunch of letters and claims they are the right answers.

    They could be pranksters.
    The teacher could have changed the questions and/or the answers around.

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    Ms. Sue

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