US Government

Can someone please help confirm my answers?

1. Which of the following is TRUE regarding the Supreme Court’s modern rulings on regulation of interstate commerce?
a. The Court allows federal regulation of almost anything related to interstate
b. The Court permits only state regulation of most interstate commerce.
c. The Court has excluded every type of service provider from federal regulation.
d. The Court allows limited federal regulation of interstate commerce.
e. No regulation of interstate commerce is permitted by the state or federal governments.
I think that the answer is A.

2. In McCulloch v. Maryland, ______.
a. the Constitution’s “necessary and proper” clause permits Congress to take actions when it
is essential to a power that Congress has
b. the Constitution’s commerce clause gives the national government exclusive power to
regulate interstate commerce
c. Congress may not act to subject nonconsenting states to lawsuits in state courts
d. the states may not regulate interstate commerce
e. the national government’s authority to require state officials to administer or enforce a
federal regulation is limited
I think it's D

3. In McCulloch v. Maryland (1819), the Supreme Court ruled that ______.
a. states could form banks and tax them
b. the national government could charter banks and the states could not tax those banks
c. the national government’s power was dependent on the states
d. Congress erred when it created a national banking system
e. states could not charter banks
I think it's B

4. Direct democracy is impractical because ______.
A. one must be elected to be involved in politics full time
B. elected officials do not have enough information or policy expertise
C. the opinion of a single person is not relevant to democracy
D. people often make decisions based on fleeting passions
E. public policy is not a democratic institution
I think it's A.


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  1. 1 -yes
    2 -no
    3 -yes
    4 -no

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  2. Thanks!

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  3. Question 2: correct answer is A

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