which values can be substituted for x to make the inequality x - 4 >0 true? choose all that apply
A. 0
B. 3
C. 4
D. 18

my answer is 0 and 4 please check my answer's

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  1. you're going to subtract 4 from x ... and the result is greater than zero

    keep thinking

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  2. 0-4 > 0
    -4 > 0 , false

    your other choice is also false
    Where you just guessing??

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  3. no i wasent i figured it out i got it right i took the test and it was 4 and 18

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  4. alberts that answer was right its 4 and 18

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  5. These are 100% right for the Solving One-Step Inequalities Practice
    Plz believe me.

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  6. Anyone who says "believe me" or "trust me" should be suspect in the minds of others!

    Be careful of these lists of answers without explanations. Sometimes kids deliberately post wrong answers. Sometimes teachers and/or test publishers mix the questions and answer choices up. Sometimes they change them completely!

    Be aware!

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  7. i agree w writeacher but also dan is right

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  8. I just risked taking the test from the answer's Dan gave out, surprisingly got 100%. ._.

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