I need help with these problems. I've gone over the material a lot, and I just don't understand! Please help fast, test is tomorrow!

1. Factor 4m²+40m+100

2. The area of a circle is given by the equation A = ð(25x²+10x+1). Find an expression for the radius.

3. The bed of a pond can be modelled by 30 y= x²-15x+14 where x and y are measured by meters and the x-axis matches the water level of the pond. What is the width of the pond?

4. Find the term to create a perfect square trinomial: x² + 22x

5. Complete the square: r² - 4r - 7 = 0

6. The length of a rectangular swimming pool s x + 30, where x = width. It's area is 2800 square feet. Find the length and the width.

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asked by Marie

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