Math Test: Probability

Okay so I have looked a lot of places for some help on my math test. I am going to put down the first 3 questions and answer choices on my test. If you have the same test as I do then could you give me some answers ASAP? Remember, all test aren't the same and I'm a Connection Academy Student for the 7th grade. I at probability and if I fail... well.... the results will be devastating to my grade and to me. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!
Question 1
Jerry mixes the letters F,P,M,M,M,F,P and J thorough. Without looking Amanda draws one letter. Expressed as a fraction, decimal and percentage. What is the probability that J will NOT be the letter Amanda selects?

A.7/8, 0.875, 87.5%

B.5/8, 0.625, 62.5%

C.1/8 , 0.125, 12.5%

D.8/7, 1.14, 11.4%
Question 2
Christopher mixes the letters S, E, L, E, C, T, E, and D thoroughly. Without looking, Allen draws one letter. Expressed as a fraction, decimal, and percentage, what is the probability that Allen will not select a consonant?

A. 3/8 , 0.375, 37.5%
B. 3/5 , 0.6, 60%
C. 5/8 , 0.625, 62.5%
D. 1/2 , 0.5, 50%
Question 3
_______________________________________________________________________Suppose you have a drawer full of white, black and yellow pairs of socks. If the probability of picking a white pair of socks is 4/9, and the probability of picking a black pair of socks is 7/18, what is the probability of picking a yellow pair of socks?

A. 1/6
B. 5/12
C. 7/15

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  1. You should probably start from the basics here:

    If you've reached the test for the course and you have no idea about these questions, you need to start over. (Sad to say, but I'd be in your shoes. I would have to start over!)

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  2. 1. Since J is one of the 8 letters , it is 1/8 of the total letters. Therefore, there's a 7/8 probability that you'll not draw a J.

    2. How many of these 8 letters are not vowels?

    3. 8/18 + 7/18 = 15/18 are not yellow

    I'll be glad to check your answers.

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    Ms. Sue
  3. My goodness, I would expect my students to be able to answer these after the introductory lesson to probability .

    The only one that could pose a problem is the third.

    There are 3 events, the sum of the probabilities must be 1
    prob(white) + prob(black) + prob(yellow) = 1
    4/9 + 7/18 + x = 1

    solve for x

    for the 1st , find the prob(picking a J),
    then prob(NOT picking a J) = 1 - answer = ...

    2nd, the same thing.

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  4. Thanks Ms. Sue!!! YOU. ARE. A. LIFESAVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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