hello! I really need help with this math problem on a portfolio I am doing, I know you're not supposed to give answers out and I'm not asking for any answers but I honestly don't understand this I've watched the profolio recording as well and help from others, it would really be nice for some help, thank you.

Two cell phone companies have different rate plans run fast has monthly charges $10 plus 4 per gig of data VA and deeds monthly charge is 6 + 6 per gig of data your task is to determine under what circumstances each company has better pricing you will derive and solve a set of equations to graph those equations and evaluate the meanings of those events.

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  1. cost1 = 4g + 10 -----> plot y = 4x+10
    cost2 = 6g + 6 -------> plot y = 6x + 6

    when is cost1 = cost2 ??
    6g + 6 = 4g + 10
    2g = 54
    g = 2

    interpret what I just did

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  2. See thank you but to me it looks like you're extremely smart Because I have zero idea what any of that means I'm extremely horrible at math

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  3. I've watched the lesson but I still don't understand and I don't know why I don't

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