math ( pls pls help )

1. At the hardware store, you purchased a box of nails originally worth $17. You had a coupon that took off 20% from the nails. Sales tax is 6%. What is the total cost for the nails?

2. Suppose we are at a restaurant and have ordered $29.31 worth of food and $9.72 worth of beverages. The sales tax rate is 6% and we wish to leave a 20% tip. How much is the total we will pay for this meal including tip?

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  1. 17 * 0.80 * 1.06 = ?
    Assuming you tip on the full price, including tax, that would be
    (29.21 + 9.72) * 1.06 * 1.20 = ?

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  2. This is a test question. No more answers please.

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