Estimate the area of a circle with a radius of 16 meters use 22/7 for pi
A) 62 square meters
B) 531 square meters
C) 805 square meters
D) 1,608 square meters
Can someone explain to me how to do this?

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  1. Area = Pi x radius x radius
    = 22/7 x 16 x 16
    But you were asked to ESTIMATE...
    which means use nice numbers
    Nice numbers could be (20 x 20 x 20 ) divided by 10
    =8000 divided by 10
    = 800
    That is an estimate : ) thus C)

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  2. Looks like a question from the 50's, nobody uses 22/7 anymore in the days of calculators ...

    area = πr^2, r = 16 and π = appr 22/7 = appr 3
    so what is 3(256) ? , in my head , 3(250) = 750

    using 22/7 ---> 256(22/7) = 804.57 , since we are estimating, did they
    expect to get that answer not using a calculator?

    real answer = 256π or 804.247...

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  3. @Reiny I literally have no idea what that is.Try making it more simplistic

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  4. Then just go with Ms. Pi solution, after all we got the same result.
    My rough calculation ended up with 750
    In the answer group the closest to that was 805
    My point was that to get that 805, they must have used a detailed calculation,
    which sort of negates the concept of estimation.

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  6. 0k so death is coming ;-; :c

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