A military camp has enough food to feed 1000 soldiers for 36 days. If 500 additional soldiers join the camp, how long will the food last?

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  1. 1 000 soldiers + 500 soldiers = 1 500 soldiers

    1 000 / 1 500 = 500 * 2 / ( 500 * 3 ) = 2 / 3

    ( 2 / 3 ) * 36 = 72 / 3 = 24 days


    Camp has enough food to feed 36 000 soldiers for 1 day.

    36 000 / 1 500 = 24 days

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  2. it didn t work to my question
    An Army camp has enough food for 125 soldiers for 16 days . how long will the food last if 75 more soldiers joined them?

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