Language Arts

What lesson does Milo learn from "The Phantom Tollbooth"?
(Sorry for posting this twice, I just really need someone to answer ;w;)

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  1. I have not read this work. You (allegedly) have. What lesson does he learn? Besides, your teacher doesn't want to know what a tutor thinks, s/he wants to know what you think after reading this.

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  2. what lesson did he learn?

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  3. this should help
    Tollbooth Being that Humbug is the complete opposite of Milo's pal, Tock, he teaches Milo many different lessons. Humbug is selfish and arrogant whereas Tock is loyal and brave. Milo learns many lessons on humility and comes to realize through witnessing Humbug's misfortunes due to his attitude, that it will do him no good to be a selfish and arrogant person---it only leads to trouble.

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  4. hello,

    I have a project due the 22nd of November and I need all of the things milo has learned can you possibly help me?

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  5. He learns that life is fun and exciting because at the beginning of the book he is sad and depressed until the tollbooth

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  6. MR beast sis thousand and ohhhhh

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