math-- check my answers!

You are in "Car Parts USA" buying some headlight bulbs.  The original price is $19.99, but you have a coupon for $6.00 off.  What is your subtotal for the bulbs?

$13.99 ***



You are at a convenience store picking up some iced tea.  You see that tea is on sale for 25% off.  If the tea normally costs $2.39, what will be the subtotal?

$1.79 **


You buy 2 gallons of paint from the hardware store for a home project.  The paint normally costs $13.50/ gallon, but there is a 35% off sale.  If sales tax is 6%, what would the total cost be?

$18.60 **



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  1. Yay! All of your answers are right.

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    Ms. Sue

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