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28. Explain, in terms of equilibrium shifts, how this buffer mixture resists changes in pH when small quantities of both a strong acid and a strong base are added.

The buffer mixture was made up of:
monosodium phosphate(NaH2PO4) and disodium phosphate (Na2HPO4)

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  1. H2PO4^- is the acid
    HPO4^2- is the base.

    In strong acid is added you have
    HPO4^2- + H^+ ==> H2PO4^- ; i.e,, when a strong acid is added to the buffer mixture the weak base gobbles up the acid so the pH doesn't change much.

    In strong base the rxn is
    H2PO4^- + OH^- ==> HPO4^2- + H2O; i.e., the weak acid gobbles up the strong bsse in a netralization reaction and form water and the pH doesn't change much.

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