A rectangular container measures 4m by 3m by 500cm. The container is completely filled with 0. 5 long cubic packets. How many such packets are needed to filled 3/4 of the container?
V = lwh
= 3(4)(5)
= 60

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  1. Volume divided by the 0.5 gives packets needed to fill the container

    60/0.5 = 120 (packets neededto fill entire container)
    120 x (3/4) = 90 (packets needed to fill 3/4 of the container)

    I think this is correct!

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  2. correct to say the container contains 60 m^3
    You are missing the units on the cubic packets, are their sides .5 m each ?
    Then there will be 8by6by10 or 480 such packets
    (8 along the length, 6 along the width, 48 on the base, and then 10 layers high)
    3/4 of 480 = 360

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  3. total no.of packets will be( 5/0.5*4/0.5*3/0.5)= 480 pcs
    then 3/4 of 480= 360 packets.

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