A galvanic cell is connected to a small light bulb for 40.0 minutes. The electrodes are
copper and silver and the copper electrode is immersed in a solution of copper sulfate.
During that time, the average current drawn by the bulb is 0.12 A.
a. What is more reactive, copper or silver?
b. Which is the anode and which is the cathode?
c. How many grams of copper dissolve from the (anode or cathode) during this
d. If copper metal is ‘moving into solution’, is this an oxidation or reduction

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  1. a. I don't know what you mean with "more reactive" but the Eo oxidations values are shown below. Also I assume the Ag electrode is immersed in a silver salt of some kind. I presume you would say Cu is the more reactive metal.
    Cu ==> Cu^2+ + 2e Eo = -0.344 v
    Ag ==> Ag^+ + e Eo = -0.8
    b. The anode is defined as the electrode at which oxidation takes place. That is Cu.
    d. See b for the answer.
    c. Coulombs = amperes x seconds = ?= approx 300 but you need to do it more accurately. Then 96,485 coulombs will dissolve 63.54/2 grams Cu. So how much will dissolve with 300 coulombs. That will be
    63.54/2 x (approx 300/96,485) = ?

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  2. thanks!

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