1. Anna mixes the letters s-e-l-e-c-t-e and d thoroughly. Without looking, mary draws one letter. expressed as a fraction, decimal, and percentage. what is the probability that e will not be the letter mary selects

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  1. Five of the eight letters are not e.

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  2. Hey everyone, since everyone's math test is different, I am showing the actual answers instead of just putting letters so hopefully this helps Connections students:

    1. 5/8, 0.625, 62.5%
    2. 1/3, 0.333, 33.3%
    3. 2/5
    4. 1/6
    5. 13/18
    6. 30
    7. A It shows a graph so that one will be hard to explain so just pick A
    8. 32
    9. 1/18
    10. 13/20
    11. 1/9
    12. 120
    13. 70
    14. 5!;120
    15. 3/7
    16. 132
    17. 28
    18. 6,840
    19. 1/55
    20. 10
    21 and 22, do yourself but I can give you a piece of advice :) Look up the first workpad's question and then you will scroll down and click a link that says, Math (Pease Help! 2 questions!). Then follow what Reiny says even though there was some tiny errors that hopefully you will spot. So I hope this helps! If not I will help you with these workpads.

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  3. IS HELPER RIGHT !!!!???

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  4. no he is not

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