Choose the pair of sentences that does not contain any sentence fragments.

A:Helen took the fish out of the oven. Cooked perfectly.
B:Helen took the fish out of the oven. It was cooked perfectly.
C:Taking the fish out of the oven. Helen cooked it perfectly.***
D:While taking the fish out of the oven. It was cooked perfectly.

A:We arrived too late, and the bowling lanes were all taken.***
B:Arriving too late. The bowling lanes were all taken.
C:Arriving too late, with the bowling lanes all taken.
D:We arrived too late at the bowling lanes. All taken.

A:To become a world-class tennis player. One must practice daily.
B:Becoming a world-class tennis player, one must practice daily.
C:To become a world-class tennis player, and one must practice daily.
D:To become a world-class tennis player, one must practice daily.***

Are these correct?

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  1. 1. No

    2. Yes

    3. Yes

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  2. 1:B

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  3. Yes, 1B.

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  4. Thank you, very much!

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  5. You're welcome.

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