1. Jane, looking for Tarzan, is running at top speed (4.9m/s) and grabs a vine hanging vertically from a tall tree in the jungle. How high can she swing upward?

2. In the high jump, Frank's kinetic energy is transformed into gravitational potential energy without the aid of a pole. With what minimum speed must Fran leave the ground in order to lift her center of mass 1.89m and cross the bar with a speed of 1.16m/s?

3. A 57kg trampoline artist jumps vertically upward from the top of a platform with a speed of 4.7m/s. How fast is he going as he lands on the trampoline 3.8m below?

4. A 124g baseball is dropped from a tree 11.6m above the ground. With what speed would it hit the ground if air resistance could be ignored?

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  1. gain of of kinetic energy at low spot = loss of potential energy coming down from top
    (m/2)(Vbottom^2 - Vtop^2) = m g (meters down from top)
    or if stopped at top
    (1/2)m v^2 = m g h
    or (remember this) v = sqrt (2 g h)

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