Tanya wants to gift-wrap a container that is in the shape of a right circular cylinder. The radius and height of the container are given below in centimeters.
Radius is 2.1 cm.
Height is 8.8 cm.
Which estimate is closest to the minimum amounr of giftwrap Tanya needs to cover the entire container?
120 cm^2
132 cm^2 (My Answer)
432 cm^2
216 cm^2

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  1. two ends at pi*2.1^2 each is 27.71 cm^2
    the curved side is 2 pi*2.1*8.8 = 116.11 cm^2

    I agree with your answer, but it does not seem like quite enough.

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  2. Ignoring any overlap which you will obviously need, and ignoring any loss of paper ....
    surface area = 2 circles + 1 rectangle
    = 2(πr^2) + 2πrh
    = 2(4.41π) + 4.2(8.8)π
    = 143.82
    I don't see that answer , the closest is your choice of 132, but that would not cover the can.
    Poor choice of answers, unless there is a typo

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  3. Ok Thank You!

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