a researcher tagged 40 giant turtles in 2008. in 2009 she returned and captured 50 turtles, 16 of which were tagged. In 2010, she returned again and captured 30 turtles, 8 of which were tagged.
a. use a proportion to estimate the turtle population for 2009
b. use a proportion to estimate the turtle population for 2010

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  1. in 2008 all 40 caught were tagged...
    so... in 2009
    16tags/50 caught = 40 tags/TOTAL
    solving for x you obtain
    (50x40) = 16(TOTAL)
    2000 = 16(TOTAL) thus divide both sides by 16...
    In 2009 there were 125 turtles
    Now you try 2010...

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  2. thank you i did it!!!!:)))))

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  3. Dear Ms Sue... please check my math... as it is late, and I may not truly be thinking straight :)

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  4. Excellent : )

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  5. 16tags/50 caught = 40 tags/TOTAL
    16T = 2000
    T = 125

    Yep! I got the same answer! :-)

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    Ms. Sue
  6. Nighty Night from Canada! I was up early to watch the Royal Wedding :)

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  7. And good night from southeastern Michigan! It was good to see something beautiful and positive today.

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    Ms. Sue
  8. In 2009, 16/50 = 32% of the population was tagged, making the population 40/.32 = 125 (P/40 = 50/16)

    In 2010, 8/30 = 26.7% of the population was tagged. So, the population is about 150 (P/40 = 30/8)

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