I need help with questions for the book a boy named slow.Thanks.

The questions are 1.what happens when Returns again goes hunting 2.What big thing does slow do, 3.what else does he do to prepare himself for adulthood, 4.What does slow decide to do, 5.what happens as a result?

Please tell us what you think the answers are, and we'll try to help you.

I don't know any answers...I forgot my book

I don't know what I think....

I'm sorry, but I don't have the book, and I doubt if anyone else who regularly reads this board has the book either. I guess you'll just have to make a quick trip to the library to get it this evening or bring your book home tomorrow to do your assignment.

hi i cant help u i never read the book but google it 4 quick notes or cheats that should help sorry if it dosen't

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asked by ray
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