Can someone please help confirm my answers are correct? Thanks

1. After a ________ consideration, I’ve decided to use my ________ savings.
A. weeks’/lives
B. week’s/life’s
C. weeks’/live’s
D. week’s/lifes’
I think it's B.

2. Several ________ ________ were missing the required documentation for the research presented.
A. students/essays
B. student’s/essay’s
C. students’/essays
D. students/essay’s
I think it's C

3. My father-in-law’s retirement party, which was held at ________ and ________ house, was actually more enjoyable than I thought it would be.
A. Cecil/Deborah
B. Cecil/Deborahs’
C. Cecil’s/Deborah’s
D. Cecil/Deborah’s
I think it's C.

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  1. 1. yes
    2. yes
    3. no, not unless the party was held at more than one house!

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  2. Oh I see, so D then for #3?

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  3. Yes, 3 is D because they own the house together!

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  4. Thank you!

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