Can someone please confirm that my answers are correct?

Choose the correct pronoun to fit the context of the sentence.
1. The dog chewed ________ leash apart.
A. its
B. his or her
C. it’s
D. their
E. its’
I think it's C

2. Is technology with all ________ advances working for the better of ________?
A. its/mankind
B. it’s/humankind
C. it’s/mankind
D. its/humankind
I think it's C.

3. Which sentence is preferable?
A. Every editor has his job to do.
B. Every editor has his or her job to do.
C. Every editor has a job to do.
D. Every editor has her job to do.
E. Every editor has their job to do.
I think it's C

Choose the correct verb to fit the context of the sentence.
4. If I ________ you, I ________ to find a better job.
A. was/will try
B. were/would try
C. were/try
D. was/would try
I think it's C.

5. I thought the massager was ________ , but it was just ________ out.
A. broken/wore
B. broken/worn
C. broke/worn
D. broke/wore
I think it's B

6. When my daughter gets older, I ________ her the value of an education, so she won’t make the same mistakes I ________.
A. will teach/have done
B. will teach/did
C. will be teaching/did
D. will be teaching/do
I think it's b

7. In the Miranda decision, the Supreme Court ________ that officers ________ warnings to potential criminals
A. require/provides
B. require/provide
C. requires/ provide
D. requires/provides
I think it's C

8. The class was asked to sit ________ ________.
A. quiet anywhere
B. quietly anywheres
C. quiet anywheres
D. quietly anywhere
I think it's D

9. Which is ________ to write, a letter or an essay?
A. most easiest
B. more easy
C. easiest
D. easier
I think it's D

10. Identify the sentence that is punctuated correctly.
A. Social issues involving computers and society are, privacy, unemployment and technological complexity.
B. Social issues involving computers and society are privacy, unemployment, and technological complexity.
C. Social issues involving computers and society are, privacy, unemployment and, technological complexity.
I think it's B

11. Identify the sentence that is punctuated correctly.
A. Boston, Massachusetts played an important role in American history and politics.
B. Boston, Massachusetts played an important role, in American history and politics.
C. Boston, Massachusetts, played an important role in American history and politics.
I think it's C

12. Use a ________ after an independent clause that introduces a clause, a phrase, or even a single word that explains the original clause
A. comma
B. colon
C. semicolon
I think it's B.

13. He took the womans hat and hid it in the men’s room.
A. correctly punctuated
B. change womans to womens’
C. change men’s to mens’
D. change womans to woman’s
I think it's D

14. Among her last words were, “I am settled in my own faith.”
A. correctly punctuated
B. change the comma to a semicolon
C. move the period outside of the quotation mark
D. add a comma after settled
I think it's A

15. The case against the Dallas based-company was handled in Seattle.
A. correctly punctuated
B. add a comma after company
C. add a hyphen after Dallas and delete the hyphen after based
D. add a hyphen after Dallas
I think C is correct

16. The article “Bug Off” is in the March issue of Camper’s Guide.
A. correctly punctuated
B. underline or italicize Camper’s Guide
C. underline Bug Off
D. none of the above
I think it is D. Shouldn't Bug off and campers Guide be italicized?

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  1. All are correct except for 1, 4, 12, and 16.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. Mrs Sue, for #1, I think the answer is A because "it is" would not make sense. Therefore, you would not use it's.

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  3. Yes. 1A.

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    Ms. Sue
  4. Thank you!!!!

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  5. You're welcome.

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    Ms. Sue
  6. So, #4 is B, because when using if, it is past tense correct?
    # 12 is C right? (this was an error...meant to list C)
    #16 - B? If this is correct, can you please help me understand why underline vs italicized is interchangeable?

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  7. 4 B is right. It's a conditional sentence, using "if.",
    12. I would choose A.
    16. Magazine article titles are enclosed in quotation marks.

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    Ms. Sue
  8. Thanks!!

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