Social Studies

When the Federal Reserve lowered interest rates following the 2001 recession, what did more people start to do?
A. buy homes
B. default on loans
C. invest in dot-coms
D. sell stock shares

The United States used diplomacy to broker peace agreements in which of the following countries?
A. Israel, Northern Ireland
B. Nicaragua, Somalia
C. South Africa, India
D. North Korea, Poland

Seats Gained/Lost
|Republicans| Democrats|
Senate |lost 6 |gained 7 |
House of Representatives|lost 27 |gained 32 |
Which of the following events most likely affected the election results shown in the table? This question has two answers.
A. the government's response to the September 11 terrorist attacks
B. economic performance after the 2001 recession
C. the prosperity that came with the dot-com boom
D. the federal response to Hurricane Katrina

Why is the first and second ones A? Why is the last one B and D? Please explain I'm very confused. Thank you.

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  1. If you had read your assigned reading, you'd know why the first two are A. And you might know what happened after the 2001 dot-com bust.

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  2. For the third one I chose A and C but they were B and D. I don't understand why at least one of them wasn't C.

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  3. Because the dot-com boom had gone bust in 2001, causing a recession.

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  4. Ok, I see now. Thank you!

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  5. How does the dot-com recession relate to the federal response to Hurricane Katrina (I'm genuinely curious, I can't find anything about Hurricane Katrina in my textbook) and what does that have to do with republicans and democrats?

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  6. the second one is b

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