Social Studies

The United States used diplomacy to broker peace agreements in which of the following countries?
A. Israel, Northern Ireland
B. Nicaragua, Somalia
C. South Africa, India
D. North Korea, Poland

Is it A?

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  1. I disagree.

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  2. When the Federal Reserve lowered interest rates following the 2001 recession, what did more people start to do?
    A. buy homes
    B. default on loans
    C. invest in dot-coms
    D. sell stock shares

    Also can someone explain why the answer is A and not B.

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  3. I thought it was B, but it says I got it wrong and that the answer was A (for both questions.)

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  4. On the peace question, A is probably the best answer, but with fingers crossed. Bill Clinton did make the hyprocrisy of the UK evident, and it did spur some movement.
    On the second: lower interest, easier money, more things are bought. Why would anyone default on a loan if the interest rates go down? The logical action is to pay off the higher interest with a lower interest loan.

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  5. Ohhhhh oof I didn't think about that on the other one heh. Thank you I'll be sure to remember that lol

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  6. It's B

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