Complete these ratio tables for two pant mixture

Peacock purple

Red blue
2 5
___ 15
14 ___

Purple plum
Red blue
7 3
_____ 15
14 ____

Help me????? Show we how to do. Need blanks filled in

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  1. Makes no sense to me.

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  2. Let's do it this way for making table. READ THE WHOLE PRO LET ABOVE. Need to finish the ratio table for two paint table mixtures

    Peacock purple
    Red blue
    2 , 5
    0, 15
    14, 0

    Purple plum
    Red , blue.
    7, 3
    0, 15
    14, 0
    Where I put zeroes need a number in those areas to make the table. Hopefully numbers didn't all shift to the left again.. HOPE YOU CAN HELP ME

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