Here, take my Likeness with you, whilst 'tis so;
For when from hence you go,
The next Suns rising will behold
Me pale, and lean, and old.
The Man who did this Picture draw,
Will swear next day my face he never saw.

I really believe, within a while,
If you upon this shadow smile,
Your presence will such vigour give,
(Your presence which makes all things live)
And absence so much alter Me,
This will the substance, I the shadow be.

When from your well-wrought Cabinet you take it,
And your bright looks awake it;
Ah be not frighted, if you see,
The new-soul'd Picture gaze on Thee,
And hear it breath a sigh or two;
For those are the first things that it will do.

My Rival-Image will be then thought blest,
And laugh at me as dispossest;
But Thou, who (if I know thee right)
I'th substance dost not much delight,
Wilt rather send again for Me.
Who then shall but my Pictures Picture be.

The contrast between "my likeness" in line 1 and "my picture's picture" in line 24 is probably telling us
A. she would grow from enjoying a picture of him to desiring him back.
B. she would enjoy his picture as truly representing him.
C. she liked having him giver her a picture as memento.
D. she would always have a picture of him safe in her cupboard.
E. she preferred the picture of him to a likeness of him. (I think its this one?)

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  1. I disagree. There's a much better answer. His true self is the picture he gave her. In her absence, he will grow old, but when she wants the real man, she'll have the picture of him when he was as she last saw him. Think about it.

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  2. oh, so, b?

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  3. I think B is a better answer. What your teacher thinks may be something else.

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