An Ice cream shop offers the following toppings:

chocolate chips
strawberry sprinkles
hot fudge
whipped cream
gummy bears

If a sundae must have exactly four topping how many different sundaes can you make?

24 This one

Eric has two identical number cubes the faces of each cube are numbered 1-6 eric will roll both of the number of cubes at the same time. What is the probability that both of the numbers showing face up will be multiples of 3?


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  1. The Sundae example...
    It is a "Combination" as "order does not matter", thus 6 choose 4 (which is not the answer you have decided upon)
    The number cubes...
    If you consider a tree diagram you need the branch along which both die turn up multiples of 3.
    The number of multiples of 3 would result in the numbers 3 or 6 coming up (out of the six possible) so 2/3 = 1/3 but then you need a multiple of 3 followed by another multiple of three so
    1/3 x 1/3
    = 1/9

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  2. 6 taken 4 at a time with no order
    6!/[4!(2!) ] = 6 *5 / 2 = 15

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  3. 3,3
    is 4 out of 36 = 1/9

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  4. Not sure if same Quiz or just same 1 question but here are answers for [MATH 7 B -- UNIT 5: USING PROBABILITY]

    F,P,M,M,M,F,P -- Answer is A
    R,E,A,D,I,N,G -- Answer is C
    5, 10, 20 $ ----------- D
    Even, then odd # --- D
    Sum is less than 4 -- A
    Shopping -------------- D
    4 Marbles -------------- C
    Sandwich Shop ---- --C

    [If all of the cliff notes of the questions are the same quiz as me so if none of these words connect with the question, these aren't your answers]

    D -- [Question 10]

    Ace this quiz or I will eat your Axe body spray, don't test me

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  5. Idk if I can trust UWU

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  6. trash?

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  7. Bruv

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