I need to make an acrostic poem for the word ECOSYSTEM and each letter has to be a phrase. I need help.

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  1. Here are a couple of suggestions:

    1. Go through your text and find different phrases that help define the word AND that start with the letter you want. One phrase for each letter, going down:

    2. As an alternative, find different phrases that help define the word, but don't necessarily START with the letter you want. Maybe one phrase will have the 4th letter you need in its 5th position; another phrase could have the 8th letter you need in the 3rd position, etc. But you'd type or print or write the acrostic so that the letters of ECOSYSTEM are exactly vertical.

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  2. Ecosystems

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  3. y'all not giving me what I'm asin fo

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  4. E: energy i am posting this like a year after

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  5. y'all are not giving me what I'm asking for an acrostic poem with the word ecosystem and y'all are not giving me what I asked for the only thing y'all gave me was Echo not easy y'all have to do better service AR me and my children will never in a lifetime that God had gave us the strength to live and not die to come on this ugly app and see some stuff like this not easy y'all at right or do something wrong because in the Bible you need to start reading because God he gives you to strength so do all things through Christ Jesus who may strengthens me I am a Clark and my mom is Denise Clark in this don't make no sense sincerely Marcus Clark

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  6. Where's the acrostic poem

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  7. Ecosystem
    prOducer or (orangisms) (omnivore)

    hope this helps a bit

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  8. Im re-posting this and i hope this helps


    Carnivore (consumer can be put here)

    prOducer (words that can also be put for O; populations, chloroplast, organism, biosphere

    photoSynthesis ( you can capitalize the S anywhere it doesn't matter)
    ( words that can be put for S; survival, systematics, exoskeleton, biosphere

    preY (consumers need to catch their PREY in order to stay alive and or keep the ecosystem in balance)

    reSources ( the ecosystem needs resources in order to stay in balance ( food for consumers and even producers ))

    waTer (water is in the ecosystem and is used by conumers, Producers etc)

    dEcompose ( Decomposition is an important process because it allows organic material to be recycled in an ecosystem )

    consuMer ( this can be used for the top C or here doesnt really matter )

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  9. Make an acrostic for the word THERMOMETER

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