23. Suppose the number of expert gamers in California is 52,400 and is growing 20% each year. Predict the number of experts after 5 years.

24. The population of bacteria in your messy room is 36,725 and is growing at a rate of 11% each month. What would the population be after 6 months if you don’t clean your room?

25. The current popularity of the Kardashians is about 82,302 fans.gladly, this is falling at a rate of 50% each year. How many fans will the Kardashians have in 4 years?

26. The number of active Snapchat users is about 23,000,000 people. This number is falling at a rate of 5% each month. How many Snapchat users will there be in one year?

27. You put $5,000 in an account that is compounded quarterly. The annual interest rate, r, is 4%. How much will be in the account after 10 years?

28. You just got a job and you want to start saving for a car. You put $1500 in a savings account that is compounded monthly. The annual interest rate is 8.5% How much money will you have saved in 3 years?

If someone could simply Explain these to me-it would mean alot

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  1. 23.
    52,400 * 0.2 * 5

    24. Same as 23. Multiply the number of bacteria by the rate by the time.

    If you post your answers and work for these problems, we'll be glad to check them.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. 23. 52,400 + 52,400*0.2*5 =
    24. 36,725 + 36,725*0.11*6 =
    25. 82,302 - 82302*05*4 =. I believe it should be 5% instead of 58%. Check textbook.
    26. Same procedure #25, but change 1yr. to 12 mo.
    27. P = Po(1+r)^n,
    Po = $5,000,
    r = 0.04/4 = 0.01 = quarterly % rate.
    n = 4 Comp./yr. * 10 yrs. = 40 Compounding periods.

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  3. 28. P = Po(1+r)^n,
    Po = $1500,
    r = 0.085/12 = 0.0071 = Monthly % rate.
    n = 1comp./mo. * 36mo. = 36 Compounding periods.

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